Finding Beauty Around


Most of us are familiar with cold sore, it pops up on your lip when your immune system is running low, as far as I know the virus  (correct me if I’m wrong)  always lives in the body, but when the system is stressed and tired it comes out as a cold sore.

I don’t have them too often, last time was a few years ago, and there is a number of anti-viral remedies available in  the store, but ever since David (my husband) told me that I  can use ice to prevent it from developing, I m using only that.  First time when i tried and it worked i was quite excited, i thought it s like magic, who might think that something as simple as ice can make it disappear  and save me from going through an unpleasant process of having an inflamed blob on the lip.   (If only i knew about it back then when i lived in Siberia!)

What you need to do is –  as soon as you feel it is going to come out, put some ice (or a cold pack) to it and hold it for  few minutes.  Sometimes I do it twice.  And it never comes out and does not develop.