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Windy season – Chronicles of Vata

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I decided to write this down mostly for myself, but maybe someone else who faces similar  mmm phenomena in their life will find it interesting as well.

If you are familiar with Ayurveda, you know that there are five elements in nature  –  earth, water, fire, air and ether(or space).  Every individual has a certain proportion of  those elements in their system, in Ayurveda it’s called doshas and there are three doshas –   Vata= air+space , Pitta = fire+water and Kapha =earth + water.  You can read more about doshas

Although we all have our unique  proportion of elements that we get from birth, doshas in our system can go out of balance under the influence of environment, seasonal changes, food that we eat, our lifestyle.   For example my combination is Vata + Pitta, Vata is air and motion, and it is Vata that goes out of balance easier than other doshas.  Especially when the seasons are changing  (it’s usually February-March and August-September when it will be most imbalanced).  Also if you travel a lot, when you don’t have a regular routine, etc.   I ll make a separate post that talks more about all those details, today I just wanted to note some funny effect that imbalanced Vata has on our system and remind  (myself first of all!) what to do when it happens 🙂

So, if you notice that –

–  You can not find your phone (keys, wallet  or something else), you start running around like crazy looking for it and then find it in the most obvious place where it’s supposed to be and it happens to you  again and again  around 5-10  times a day

–  Things start flying out of you hands! They are literally flying, you maybe standing in the kitchen and stirring the soup and then you observe how the spoon flies out of your hands, splashes soup everywhere and lands  on the floor 🙂 You also drop jars and boxes full of tiny objects like fennel seeds or cotton buds that spread all over the floor

– You get really irritable and impatient because everything takes forever !! and you really can’t wait at all, it’s not a fiery irritation or anger, it’s more like you have an itchy mind, and the more you need to wait the more it itches 🙂

–  You are trying to do a thousand things at a time,  you don’t know which one is the first to start with so you run around in confusion : )


It means you Vata is out of balance, there is a Vata hurricane blowing in your mind  (and probably in the body too;), it does not let you concentrate on one thing and does not let you stop.

So the first thing I need to do when it happens, is to  stop, sit down and do something to end this madness 🙂  Which is usually the last thing that Vata blown mind wants to do.

If you know a meditation technique or breathing technique or mudra pranayama  sit down and do it, it won’t be a time wasted at all (but so it seems to a crazy windy mind!)

You will notice such a big difference after just 15-20 minutes of meditation or breathing, your mind will settle down, you’ll stop loosing and dropping things 20 times a day and will have much more patience!

It is also a good reminder that all those “Vata manifestations” like irritability, scattered brain etc.  are not who I am, they are just caused by the changes in the environment and we can affect and control it to some extent.  Also if you are rarely affected  by hose things but somebody next to you shows the symptoms  mentioned above , don’t get mad at them 🙂   They just need to remember to sit back and  help their mind to settle down.


One thought on “Windy season – Chronicles of Vata

  1. Oh me, me! But, you know all about my vata issues 🙂

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